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Breville’s Barista Pro™ Espresso Maker Named Best New Consumer Electrical Product at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Association Expo

Montag, 15.04.19 20:18
Breville’s Barista Pro™ Espresso Maker Named Best New Consumer Electrical Product at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Association Expo
Bildquelle: iStock by Getty Images
TORRANCE, Calif. –

Breville, a global leader in innovative kitchen appliances, announces that the Barista Pro™ espresso maker (BES878; $799.95) has been named “Best New Product” in the consumer electrical category at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) expo, the country’s preeminent coffee trade show.

Breville espresso makers have now won the Specialty Coffee Association’s “Best New Product” in the consumer electrical category three years in a row and four overall.

2019: the Barista Pro™

2018: the Barista Touch™

2017: the Oracle® Touch

2013: the Barista Express®

Phil McKnight, Breville’s Global Business Manager-Beverage states, “We are thrilled that the SCA -- the country’s most rigorous, independent judge of espresso machines -- has recognized the innovations in the Barista Pro™. This award further validates our ThermoJet™ instant-heating technology, as well as our long-term goal to bring cafe-quality coffee into the home at every price point and skill level.”

The Barista Pro™ espresso maker's features include:

  • 3 Second Heat Up Time and almost instantaneous transition from espresso to steam thanks to the innovative ThermoJet™ heating system
  • An Intuitive, Engaging LCD Interface with grinding and extracting progress animations, easier to set shot volumes, and easier to run cleaning and descaling cycles
  • Integrated Conical Burr Grinder with a Belt-Driven Adjustment Mechanism, 30 grind settings and an eight-ounce (250 gram) bean hopper
  • Digital Temperature Control (PID) that delivers brew water at the right temperature, ensuring optimal espresso extraction
  • Low Pressure Pre-Infusion to evenly soak and expand ground coffee and a targeted extraction pressure of 9 bar to deliver balanced extraction
  • Pre-Programmed Brew Shots and Customizable Shot Volumes for individual taste
  • A Powerful Steam Wand for Hand-Texturing Microfoam Milk that enhances flavor and allows for latte art
  • A Larger Drip Tray Working Space for more workspace and efficient clean-up

To learn more about the SCA, click here.

For more information on Breville’s critically acclaimed line of espresso machines, click here.

About Breville

Over the past 80+ years Breville has grown to become an iconic global brand, delivering kitchen products to over 70 countries around the globe. The company goes to market as the Sage Appliances brand in Europe, and as the Breville brand in the rest of the world. Breville has enhanced people’s lives through the delivery of brilliant innovation and thoughtful design based on deep consumer insights, empowering people to do things more impressively or easily than they’d thought possible in their own home and ultimately allowing them to Master Every Moment.

Quelle: Business Wire

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